Who are we? What do we do? Why do we care?

CaringWorks, Inc., founded in 2002, is a non-profit social services agency whose mission is to reduce homelessness and empower the marginalized by providing access to housing and services that foster dignity, self-sufficiency and well-being. Since its founding, CaringWorks has helped nearly 4,000 citizens stabilize and rebuild their lives by providing affordable housing in conjunction with supportive services, a program known as supportive housing. All clients in our housing programs receive in-depth case management support and can participate in life-skills training such as financial literacy classes, social skills development and employment readiness training. Our health services include addiction treatment, psychiatric care, health assessments and individual, group and family therapies. Most importantly, CaringWorks goes beyond one-size-fits-all housing and behavioral health services to provide care that is carefully tailored to each client.


Some of the CaringWorks supportive housing programs for specialized populations are:


  • The MOVE Program (Moving On To Victory and Empowerment) offers permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless families led by a female head of household with a documented mental health or co-occurring disability.
  • The RISE Program (Recovery Independence Self-Motivation Education) offers permanent supportive housing for homeless single men and women with a documented disability.
  • Hope House is a facility that provides quality housing and structured support to adult males who have experienced homelessness and are in recovery from substance addiction.


CaringWorks serves clients in Metro Atlanta, where according to the 2014 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) conducted by HUD 4,203 homeless individuals were identified on the night of the count- that’s close to the capacity of the Fox Theater! But we are proud of our results that show success in fighting homelessness and reducing this number. In 2014 CaringWorks served more than 400 clients: 98% of permanent supportive housing clients remained successfully housed throughout the year, 89% remained in CaringWorks housing and of those who did exit, 93% moved to a better housing situation.
Our agency is built on the single idea that every person , no matter their social or economic standing, should have the chance to improve their quality of life. We are committed to serving our mission until the dignity and the inherent potential for success of all clients that we serve are fully recognized and respected.

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