Introducing RISE Atlanta

CaringWorks was recently awarded a grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to house 50 chronically homeless single adults in the City of Atlanta. We are honored to be the recipient of this funding for our new RISE Atlanta program.  CaringWorks’ staff started moving clients into their apartments at the first of the  year.  It is a big undertaking but we are confident that we can assist these individuals in finding stability after years spent on the streets.

Since these particular clients were facing chronic homelessness at entry into the program, they come to us with little or no personal belongings. While the apartments are fully furnished through the HUD grant and generous support from The Frances Hollis Brain Foundation, we need your help to provide other household necessities such sheets, towels, cleaning supplies and toiletries.

Please call Leah Humphries at 404-371-1230 x 0230 or email her at if you would like to donate funds or the above mentioned items so we can help our clients make their new surroundings feel like home.

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